WORKSHOP 3 – SET – Techno­-Synesthetic Experiences

SET - Techno­-Synesthetic Experiences - Workshop Sept 2nd 9-12

SET – Techno­-Synesthetic Experiences – Workshop Sept 2nd 9-12


Title: SET – Techno­-Synesthetic Experiences 


Alana Aparecida dos Santos
, Aroldo Mascarenhas Neto
, Filipi Dias de Oliveira, Leonardo Nunes Guimarães (BR)

NANO – Nucleus of Art and New Organisms, Grants PIBIC/PIBIAC, Supported by CNPq, FAPERJ, EBA/UFRJ, UFF


This is a workshop of visual and sound generation developed from the concept of Synesthesia, proposing experiments that explore the senses in an amplified form. Using hybrid devices constituted of natural elements (fruits) and electronic / computational elements (Arduino, sensors, Processing, MAX/MSP.), the participants are invited to pierce the fruits using the fork-conectors (linked to Arduino and MAX/MSP) in order to generate sounds. In a second moment, they are asked to position themselves around a table with white sheets and washable ink. Blindfolded, they are encouraged to make abstract paintings with their hands, expressing the sounds created in the previous step. A webcam installed above the desk with the paintings captures the images during the process, which projects on a screen the deconstructed images (generated by Processing). Participants can learn with this experience the operation of this interaction, resulting in a collaborative practice.


Local: Sala 621A
Data: 02/09
Horário: 9/12h



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