WORKSHOP 2 – #selfiepixel

Number of participants   4 to 16 people

Title: #selfiepixel

Proponent: Cristina Amazonas (BR)



Participants are invited to produce a sef-portrait #selfiepixel by interacting with the software  PIXEL ESPELHO[1] (Figure 1). Will be generated .TIFfiles, single or sequenced (also .JPG or .PNG). Each participant will be responsible for formatting your selfie as collective decision of exposure. The self-portrait can be printed or projected, as photo or animation (video). Proposals for performances and sketches will be welcomed and focused to incorporate the installation.

– Encourage and evaluate the interactivity[2] with the PIXEL ESPELHO platform.

– Awareness of identity through artistic expression shaped by technology.

– Blend several ways of capturing and displaying images, producing new imagery.

– Draw multidisciplinary paths to generate dialogues between art, science and technology.

The plataform will be presented to the participants and they will be invited to interact and portrait themselves using the software.The set of selfies produced will be incorporated into an art installation compounding a collective exhibition to be exposed on the third day of the Congress.


[1]          video project “PIXEL ESPELHO” 

More videos at

flickr collection

[2]          The outcome from the interaction will be recorded on a  LOG and integrate the database of the artist’s doctoral research.Neuroscience procedural measuring will apply.

(Date/Time + Registro_Pixel (parameters) + Webcam Image + Image Transformed)

Local: Sala 619A
Data: 02/09
Horário: 16/19h

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