WORKSHOP 1- From the Art of Memory to Augmented Reality -Art/Science/Technology boosting our Brains

Title: From the Art of Memory to Augmented Reality  -Art/Science/Technology boosting our Brains 

Proponent: Maria Manuela Lopes (PT)

ID+- Instituto de Investigação em Design Media e Cultura,Universidade de Aveiro, IBMC -Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular, Universidade do Porto, Universidade de Aveiro Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Aveiro, Portugal,  3810-193

Overview: Playful exploration of the participant’s memory skills, addressing the importance of training the potential of memory through applying varied artistic methodologies and augmented reality strategies, for a natural neuro-enahncement. Using a transdisciplinary artistic experience, creativity and metaphors of memory to produce moments of discovery around the connections between brain functioning and visual language using attention, mnemotechics and other stimulation games to allow to consider the power art has in proving a background for contrast and management of multisensory information. To train and boost your memory, considering possibilities for augmented reality/ building annotated reality scenarios/enhance reality for handicapped persons and as memory aids.

Local: Sala 621B
Data: 01/09
Horário: 15/19h



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