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01 September 2014




9-12h Registration


9h Congress Opening


9h30-10h30   Keynote


Giorgio Moscati – University of São Paulo (simultaneous translation)

Graduated in engineering from the Polytechnic School and in Physics from the former Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters, both from USP. Senior Professor at USP until 1998. Co-author of  groundbreaking works in Computer Art developed between 1968 and 1970 with artist Waldemar Cordeiro.


10h30 Coffee Break


10h45 – 11h45 Keynote


Roy Ascott – Planetary Collegium (simultaneous translation)

Founder of CAiiA, the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts, University of Wales, Newport, in 1994, and the Planetary Collegium in 2003. He is  the DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts at DTMA, Shanghai. Honorary Professor of Aalborg University, Copenhagen. Honored with the Ars Electronica Golden Nika Award for Visionary Pioneers of Media Art 2014.


12h lunch break


13h – 14h30 Roundtable 1 – Hiperorgânicos V – “Sensitive Shelters” Open Lab


Mediação: Marcelo Wasem
13h –  Raquel Renno – UFRB
From the Studio to the Lab: Art´s contribution to “renetting” the Nature 
13h15 – Augustine Leudar – Queen’s University – UK
Action Potential 
13h30 – Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso – EM – UFRJ
Electroacoustic music environments: re-thinking music composition and listening
14h- Carlos Eduardo Batista – UFPB
Network Music Sync Working Group 


14h40 -16h Paper Sessions 1


14h40 Aline Couri – Survival? Meme? Loops and the technological repetition in art.

15h Maria Manuela Lopes – Art Making with Memory Matter: Mnemo-media,Creativity and Impairment from Human to Hyper-human

15h20 Edgar Franco – Sex Bot Mantra: A Cybrid Performance by the Posthuman Tantra


16h Coffee Break


16h20 – 17h40 Paper Sessions 2


16h20 Cristina Amazonas, Maira Fróes e Celso Guimarães – PIXEL ESPELHO (Mirror Pixel)

16h40 Luisa Paraguai and Agda Carvalho – The poetics of body-space articulations

17h00 Raquel Zuanon, Geraldo Lima Jr. e Kauê Melo – WearCode: hardware design embedded in wearable interface for interactive communication of the visually impaired in point of sale.

17h20 Stacey Storms – The Mediated Body


18h – 19h30 Roundtable 2 – Planetary Collegium


  •  Jane Grant – artist and academic, Principal Supervisor of Planetary Collegium, Associate Professor (Reader) in Digital Arts at Plymouth University, co-director of the research group art and sound.

  • Tegan Bristow – artist and developer of interactive digital installations, coordinating head of the Interactive Digital Media Masters program at the Digital Arts Division of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

  • Mujin Bao – video artist, independent film director, and New Media Art lecturer at SIVA- Shanghai Institute of Visual Art.

  • Seth Riskin – artist known for his Light Dance performances, currently the Director of the MIT Museum Studio, and Manager of the MIT Museum’s Holography and Spatial Imaging Initiative.

  • Alejandro Quinteros – electronic media artist-researcher and builder, professor at the Department of Fine Arts at The University of Puerto Rico, where he directs The Art and Technology Workshop.


19h30 Exhibition Opening / Performances / Concerts




02 September 2014




9h -9h45 Keynote


Carl Smith (simultaneous translation)

Senior Lecturer in Creative Coding, Learning Technologies and Research, Director Learning Technology Research Institute (LTRI), Ravensbourne -


9h50 – 11h Paper Sessions 3


9h50 Tiago Barros P. e Silva – Thoughts Upon the Morphogenesis

10h10 Tania Fraga – NumericVariations: Exoendogenous Computer Art exploring neural connections

10h30 Donizetti Louro Syncretic Liaison – The mathematical thinking in the computational arts creation


11h Coffee Break – visit Hiperorgânicos V – Sensitive Shelters – Open Lab


12h Lunch Break


13h-13h45 Keynote


Gunalan Nadarajan – University of Michigan (simultaneous translation)

An art theorist and curator working at the intersections of art, science and technology, is Dean of the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. Was Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Arts. His publications include Place Studies in Art, Media, Science and Technology: Historical Investigations on the Sites and Migration of Knowledge (co-edited; 2009), and The Handbook of Visual Culture (co-edited; 2012).


14h -15h20 Roundtable 3 – Hiperorgânicos V – “Sensitive Shelters” Open Lab


Mediação: Cila MacDowell
13h –  Suzete venturelli – UNB
13h15 – Cleomar Rocha – UFG
13h30 – Andreia Oliveira  – UFSM
The Inventive Nature of the Image
13h45 – Nara Cristina Santos – UFSM
14h – Amor Munoz – Independent Artist – Mexico
Los E-textiles como una estrategia social


15h20 Coffee Break


15h40 – 16h50 Paper Sessions 4


15h40 Zina Intabi and Safwan Chendeb – Artistic visualization perspective for the (Pedestrian Permit) project – In VRT application for autonomous city (Paris)


16h20 Isabella Von Mühlen and Tiago Barros P. e Silva – Áreas de Riscos: city, ubiquity and play


17h-18h30 Roundtable 4 – Planetary Collegium


  • Mike Phillips – artist and academic, Principal Supervisor of Planetary Collegium, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, Plymouth University, Director of Research at i-DAT, an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

  • Benjamin Pothier –  new and old media artist, photographer and director, founding member of the artists collective Cellule0038753K, and an Arctic Circle Residency Alumni.

  • Diane Derr – interactive media artist, currently Curator of the Innovative Media Studio and Assistant Professor in the MFA Design Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

  • Xiaoying Juliette Yuan – Media Arts curator, two major projects at the 9th Shanghai Biennial 2012, and Sound Art screening for the 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival, and the large-scale publication project, “Media Arts Series” in Beijing (China).

  • Paola Lopreiato
 – specialized in electro acoustic composition at the Department of Music and New Technologies in Florence, her Multimedia creations were presented in US, Canada, Greece, Mexico, among others.

  • Blanka Earhart – media artist and writer, her installations, short films and web art have been exhibited internationally, received her MFA from the department of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University, Evanston.



03 September 2014




9h – 10h Keynote


Nina Czegledy (simultaneous translation)

Independent media artist, curator and educator on collaborative art& science& technology projects. Senior Fellow, KMDI, University of Toronto. Researcher, Hexagram, Concordia University, Montreal. Senior Fellow, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest. Member of the Leonardo/ISAST Governing Board. Research Fellow, Intercreate org, New Zealand. Contributing editor Leonardo Electronic Almanac. Board Member Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto, Board Member Year01, Toronto.


10h Coffee Break


10h20 – Poster Sessions


11h – 12h  Roundtable 5


Project T₂EIA – Transdisciplinary Telematic  Environment for Interactive Arts


12h Lunch Break


13h -14h20 Roundtable 6 – Hiperorgânicos V – “Sensitive Shelters” Open Lab


Mediação: Lali Krotoszynski

13h –  Ivani Santana – UFB
Tele-sonorous body: a reflexion about dance created for, in, into the Networked Art
13h15 – Isabelle Choinière – Independent Artist – Canada
The carnal collective body: when technology becomes a strategy of sensorial and perceptual destabilization
13h30 – Ludmila Pimentel – UFB
An interface between Merleau-Ponty’s concepts and
Gretchen Schiller’s mediadance category
13h45 – Andrés Passaro – FAU – UFRJ
Re-thinking space through parametric design and digital fabrication
14h- Walmeri Ribeiro – UFC
Field and flow: Netting the nature of Nature 
14h30 – Leonardo Fuks – EM – UFRJ
The Enhancement of “Field And Flow” in Musical Diffusion 


14h30 – 15h40 Paper Sessions 5


14h30 Priscila Arantes – Aesthetics of the database: image and media as a way of thinking

14h50 Graziele LAUTENSCHLAEGER – Between sense and sensor: Understanding the materiality of communication in interactive Media Art

15h10 Everardo REYES GARCIA – On Media Art Software

15h30 Ricardo Dal Fara – Computer art -for all- in times of global crisis?


16h Coffee Break


16h10 – 17h30 Roundtable 7 – @ CAC4


17h30 – 18h30 Roundtable  8 – Thinking CAC.5 – congress feedback


 18h30 Keynote


Lucia Santaella – PUC SP (simultaneous translation)

Full professor at São Paulo Catholic University (Pucsp), PhD in Literary Theory (1973-PUCSP) and in Communication Sciences (1993-São Paulo University). Director of Cimid, Research Center on Digital Media, honorary Presidents of the Latin-American Federation of Semiotics and member of the Argentinian Academy of Fine Arts. Awarded with the Jabuti Prizes (2002, 2009, 2011) the Sergio Motta Prize in Art and Technology (2005) and the Luis Beltrão Prize (2010). She is a CNPq researcher 1-A.


 Congress Closing




20h Congress Dinner




04 Septembre




10h City tour in Rio de Janeiro









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