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Welcome to London, England. The conference dates will be Sunday 31 August 2014, 5pm – Wednesday 3 September 2014, 2pm GMT.

Human beings, as users, have always been obsessed with finding new ways of communicating through various techniques and technologies.
The rapid technological changes that have occurred during the last two decades have allowed us – the users – to communicate through various social media platforms, providing us with more easily, faster and more frequently ways of communicating.
However there are always concerns about other impacts those technologies might have on the communication processes.

The aim of the conference is to facilitate conversations on Design and collaborations between

  • Digital Arts and Humanities,
  • Creative Industries,
  • Digital Libraries and Archives,

with an emphasis on communication futures and there impact to historical, theoretical, knowledge-transfer research processes.
For the first time the DRHA conference would like to support and bring together the Academic environment with that of the Creative industries under a conference that will affect the current interdisciplinary creative practices.

The DRHA2014 will include ground breaking academic papers and well-known speakers and series of presentations.  Join the Conference for up-to-date discussions, dynamic debates, innovative keynotes and experimental performances and aims to open a discussion on defining design NOW, as a discipline that connects interdisciplinary practices, focusing particularly on issues of communication and its impact on adjacent industries that affect the following subtheme extensions:

  • Digital Museums and Libraries;
  • Histories and Archives;
  • Virtual and Physical Spaces
  • A World of Gaming;
  • Digital Agora: Democratising or monopolising
  • Gender and Contemporary Society;
  • Technology and Body
  • Technologies impact on the Socio/cultural;
  • Social Media;
  • Narratives;
  • Big Data and Digital Death;
  • Eternity Ethernet: is it eternal or will disappear tomorrow
  • Creative practices: Design; Fine Arts; Architecture; Performance; Sonic Arts

We invite original papers, panels, installations, performances, workshop sessions and other events that address the conference theme. We encourage proposals with innovative and non-traditional session formats. Short presentations, for example work-in-progress, are invited for poster presentations.

The Event will be held in the historical centre of Maritime Greenwich and in Old Royal Naval College, University of Greenwich but also partly in our new campus and in other venues around the Royal Borough of Greenwich in the heart of London, UK.

Digital Latin America Symposium

Symposium Registration Now Open!

Digital Latin America Symposium

June 7 & 8, 2014
Register today to save your space!

516 ARTS announces Digital Latin America Symposium for the opening
weekend of the Digital Latin America exhibition. The Symposium will
showcase presentations on creative innovation using digital media as
well as artistic and scientific crossovers in contemporary Latin
American new media art.

Connecting individuals, cultures, traditions and social histories to a
rapidly expanding global network remains not only a pressing
challenge, but a profound opportunity and necessity. The utopian
notion of closing the “digital divide” represents a paradigm shift
that encourages the participation of all communities and cultures to
express themselves through contemporary methods and continue a
progressive existence in today’s technology dependent society.

The two-day symposium features six sessions in one track, so
participants can attend all of the programs. Sessions include:

* Keynote Speaker: Pablo Helguera

* Exploring Language and Communication through New Media

* Indigenous Pop: Music and the Digital Presence of Sisa Toaquiza,
Flor de los Andes

* Territory of the Imagination: Reimagining the Borders of Art and Space

* STEM + Arts Education Forum

For more information on symposium sessions, click here: SYMPOSIUM
Stay tuned for the full symposium schedule.

Event dates: Saturday & Sunday, June 7 & 8

* General Admission: $55
* 516 ARTS Members: $50
* Students: $25

Information &
Registration: Register Online:
– Online registration closes May 23
– Registration will be available on-site June 7 & 8 during the
symposium at the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History (credit card
payments only).
– No single day admission fees available.

Have additional questions? Contact Teresa Buscemi, Project Manager,
Digital Latin America,

About Digital Latin America

Exhibition * Symposium * Block Party

Digital Latin America is an outgrowth of the Latin American Forum for
the award-winning International Symposium on Electronic Arts
(ISEA2012) produced by 516 ARTS in 2012 ( It
explores the North/South axis of cultural development and exchange
between South America, Central America and the Southwest United
States. Presenting partners are the UNM Art Museum, the Albuquerque
Museum of Art & History and the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The
project looks at the way in which artists negotiate the complex
terrain between global and local, virtual and real, and political and
private, in the creation of work that proposes alternative
understandings of technology, art and cultural exchange.

Visit the project online at Digital Latin America to learn more.


Become a member of 516 ARTS
516 ARTS is a nonprofit arts and education organization, made possible
in part by members like you!
You can join online and see information about member benefits at

516 ARTS is open Tue – Sat, 12-5pm
516 Central Ave SW * Albuquerque, New Mexico * 87102
Admission and events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

For more information, visit


IMAGES: (top) Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Surface Tension, 1992, shown here
in Trackers at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France, 2011, courtesy of
bitform gallery nyc, photo by Maxime Dufour * Jessica Angel,
Hemispherical Immersion (detail), 2013 offset prints, adhesive vinyl,
sound design by Gilberto Castillo * Pablo Helguera * Sisa Toaquiza *
Nahum Mantra

International Call for Projects + Crowdfunding ContraLAB

International Call for Projects + Crowdfunding



Nuvem proposes a meeting on collaborative research and production of technologies for actions meant to neutralize the repression of popular demonstrations. This is a response to the mobilizations that arose recently in Brazil. We feel the need to build safe and peaceful techniques for demonstrations.

Four to six projects will be invited through an open call. The projects will be developed in a lab in the countryside in the state of Rio de Janeiro, from the 11th until the 17th of May, 2014.

Submit your idea! ContraLAB will host projects that deal, for instance, with protection to the physical integrity of demonstrators , autonomous diffusion of information and opinions, with the gathering of evidence for the legal defense of activists, mass choreographies, direct action and others.
We are still receiving financial contributions!  We propose the collaborative financing of the meeting in order to be able to provide nourishment, hosting and technical support. Other resources such as transportation and materials may also be offered according to the results of the financing. 

Reaching 5.000 reais: transportation for four proponents
Reaching 7.000 reais: materials budget
Reacihng 11.000 reais: two more projects invited

16th of March -> call publication
12th of April -> call closes
15th of April -> results and call for collaborators
11th  to 17th of May -> laboratory

Brazilian cards and banks
International donations
send funds through paypay or bitcoins to

Art Residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts -Paris

Application form for a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts ( for direct candidate)

Important notice:

  • Our studios are open for professional artists.
  • The applications are examined, twice a year, by the Entrance committee
    (approximately 10% of the applications are accepted).
  • The duration of the stay is from 2 to 12 months maximum.
  • The monthly – services charges range from 421 to 770 euros. (according the size of the studio).
  • There is processing fee of 30 euros with the application.

Cité Internationale des Arts

Commission Visual Arts (or Music)
18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
75004 Paris


DESIGN IN FREEDOM – XVIII Congreso de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital (SIGRADI)

Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital (SIGraDi) | XVIII Congreso “Design in Freedom” | Montevideo | URUGUAY

Call for Abstracts

 1. Summary

SIGraDi Congress 2014, called “Design in Freedom”, is an invitation to reflect on freedom.
Freedom understood as the possibility of overcoming the old boundaries of design from the new tools, and at the same time, the ability to create, build and share these tools in the community of creators, developers and users.
In this manner, “Design in Freedom” is both a premise and a slogan. It is a multidisciplinary approach from the conceptual basis of design freedom and the tools that provides us.
In the current context of the knowledge society, design, development and its cognition must be based on new values, capable of expanding horizons and allow renewed approaches to think, design and perform.
From these values, we aim to generate new challenges and new thinking on the ways and strategies to follow in the ever changing world of design, from a cross look essentially founded on the concept of freedom.
2. Categories
Free tools and open source design
Design Cognition
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Interdisciplinary Design
Performance-based Design
New learning methods
Platforms and MooCs
Shape Grammars
Digital Fabrication
Parametric Modeling/BIM
Media Art
Urban Interventions
Human-computer Interaction
Phisical Computing
Information Visualization
Image Processing
3. Guidelines
For the submission of abstracts, it is required to follow IMRAD guidelines (Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion), being able to add sub ​​sections consider relevant. Sending the abstracts according to the following categories are required, with a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1200 in total:
TITLE – The name of the work
KEYWORDS – Keywords that identify the project. Maximum 5.
INTRODUCTION – What is the problem studied and why?
METHODS AND MATERIALS – How and with what materials did you studied or will study the problem?
RESULTS – What was concluded or what is expected?
DISCUSSION – How dows it contribute?
BIBLIOGRAPHY – Which sources have been or will be consulted?
A single image that does not exceed A4 size at 150 dpi could be added.
4. Calendar
Call for Abstracts:  February 17
Deadline for submission: April 10
Acceptance: July 20
Sending full-papers: September 15
Conference: Novembre 12-13-14
5. Conference language
Official languages for the conference are english, spanish and portuguese.
6. General guidelines 
The abstracts will be reviewed by an International Scientific Committee of pairs under the following evaluation criteria:
· Consistency with the conference theme: “Design in Freedom”.
· Originality of the topic, problem or project.
· Relevance of the contribution to the area.
· Suitability of the methodology or techniques employed.
· Quality of references.
· General Organization summarized according to the guidelines established in this call.


PAHCE 2014 Brasilia, Brazil, April 7-12, 2014

PAHCE 2014 BrasiliaBrazilApril 7-12, 2014


Session: 11th APRIL

Deadline for papers submission: 14th  March





Dr. Sara Diamond

President and Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University, O. of Ont., RCA.

 Profa. Dra. Diana Domingues

University of Brasília  –  Senior National  Visitant  Researcher  CAPES and CNPQ researcher at UNB FGA GAMA – LART Founder and Director– Laboratory of Research in Art and Techno Science – Post Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
Researcher at Camera Culture MIT Media Lab – MIT/CNPq

Visual analytics practice provides complex systems to analyze data. The discipline is a rich domain for transdisciplinary applications such as in scientific and social science investigation; cognitive science and (visual) arts  and design creative practices knowledge and innovation. Visual analytics supports a mix of cognitive and perceptual reasoning. Visual analytics systems provide profound value for many crucial components of health care such as study and prediction of epidemiology or of specific diseases and conditions; clinical diagnosis; the management and analysis of patient condition; social media tools to support clinical work and communication and the analysis of healthcare communication.  We invite panel presentations regarding: 1) the application of visual analytics tools to all fields of healthcare; 2) perspectives on visual analytics in healthcare from the specific disciplinary perspectives (medical, design, computer science, visual culture analysis).





As práticas de *Visual Analytics* oferecem sistemas complexos para analisar dados . A disciplina é um domínio rico para aplicações transdisciplinares,  tais  como na investigação científica e em  ciência social; ciência cognitiva e artes ( visuais) e  práticas criativas  de design de conhecimento e inovação. A *Visual Analytics*  congrega uma mistura de raciocínio cognitivo e perceptual. Sistemas e ferramentas de visualização de dados (*visual analytics*) agregam profundo valor para muitos componentes cruciais de cuidados para com a saúde, tais como o estudo e a previsão de epidemiologia ou de doenças  e  suas condições específicas , diagnóstico clínico , gestão e análise da condição do paciente; ferramentas de mídia social para apoiar o trabalho clínico e  comunicação e  análise da comunicação e cuidados com a saúde. Convidamos a enviar apresentações para o painel  sobre : 1) a aplicação de ferramentas de *Visual Analytics* para todas as áreas de saúde , 2) perspectivas sobre  *Visual Analytics* na área da saúde a partir de perspectivas disciplinares específicas (médicas, design, ciência da computação, cultura visual).



O Continuum – V Festival in Art and Technology of Recife – Brasil


Continuum – V Festival de Arte e Tecnologia do Recife

1. Objeto

1.1 Constitui objeto da presente Convocatória a seleção de obras e/ou instalações a fim de compor a programação do Continuum – V Festival de Arte e Tecnologia do Recife, que será realizado em Recife/PE – Brasil, entre 16 e 25 de maio de 2014.

1.2 A obra e/ou instalação proposta deve trazer necessariamente em seu conceito artístico o tema Memória.

2. Das Condições de Participação

2.1 Estão aptas a participar desta convocatória artistas ou coletivos, e será dada preferência por obras e/ou instalações inéditas.

3. Das Inscrições

3.1 As inscrições estarão abertas no período de 31 de janeiro a 16 de março de 2014, devendo ser feitas exclusivamente no site oficial do Continuum, por meio de preenchimento do formulário especifico e envio de anexos.

3.2 Não há limite para número de inscrições por candidato, porém só uma das propostas poderá ser escolhida.

3.3 As inscrições deverão ser feitas na íntegra para facilitar a avaliação da Curadoria.

4. Do Processo de Seleção

4.1 Os projetos inscritos serão avaliados em 2 (duas) etapas:

a) Etapa 1 – Análise Técnica – triagem de caráter eliminatório, coordenada pela equipe de produção do Continuum com o objetivo de verificar se o proponente e o formulário de inscrição apresentado cumprem as exigências previstas nesta convocatória;

b) Etapa 2 – Avaliação da Curadoria – avaliação de caráter eliminatório e classificatório das inscrições habilitadas pela triagem.

4.2 A divulgação do resultado ocorrerá até o dia 31 de março de 2014, no site oficial do Festival. O selecionado sera contactado através de telefone e e-mail.

5. Da Remuneração

5.1 A produção do Continuum entrará em contato com o proponente selecionado para tratar de questões técnicas e assuntos relativos a custos e remuneração.

6. Das Disposições Gerais

6.1 O ato da inscrição implica a plena aceitação das normas constantes na presente convocatória.

6.2 O autor(es) da proposta selecionada deverá permitir que todas as ações envolvendo sua obra e/ou instalação sejam fotografadas e/ou gravadas em áudio e vídeo pela Produção do Festival Continuum e/ou entidades parceiras, com objetivo restrito à divulgação e promoção do evento, incluindo materiais de divulgação da produtora em eventos posteriores.

6.3 Ao se inscrever, o proponente declarará que todas as informações prestadas no formulário de inscrição são verdadeiras e não violam qualquer direito de uso de imagem ou de propriedade intelectual de terceiros, concordando em assumir exclusiva responsabilidade legal por reclamação, ação judicial ou litígio, seja direta ou indiretamente, decorrente da exibição ou uso dos trabalhos.

6.4 A presente convocatória ficará à disposição dos interessados no site: Para esclarecimentos de dúvidas, os interessados poderão utilizar o telefone: (81) 3231.3422 ou e-mail:

Opportunities: Live Works Performance Art Award (Italy)

Live Works Performance Art Award Vol.2
a Centrale Fies project
in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA


  • 9 projects selected by Live Works will be invited to participate in a production residency from the 1st  to the 10th  July 2014  at Centrale Fies in Dro, Italy and giving €500.00 each.
  • From the 9 projects, one will be offered the possibility of an additional residency phase at Centrale Fies and a €1000.00 prize (net)

Fee: There is a €24 application fee

Competition entry deadline 29th April 2014

curated by: Barbara Boninsegna, Simone Frangi, Denis Isaia


Centrale Fies, Località Fies 1
Dro (TN), Italia

Live Works  Performance Art Award is a prize dedicated to live contemporary practices that contribute to deepening and broadening the idea of performance, following the current evolution of performance and its styles. The prize aims to measure the concreteness of performance art in the real world, investigating the double of nature of LIVE – “in person” and “alive” – highlighting those moments in which performance integrates with the dynamics of life. Created by Centrale Fies, in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA, the prize includes a creative residency period, for nine selected projects. Live Works sees performance as a “work space”, and as an instrument and cultural exercise. The prize is unique in its particular attention to hybrid research, underlining the “openness” and fluidity of performance, its social and political implications and its level of public understandability. The competition is open to a wide range of emerging performative actions, including: media arts, lecture performances, task performances, text-based performances and multimedia storytelling, relational practices and workshop-based projects, flash mobs, politically engaged and activist projects, experience design, fashion design and relational urbanism.


TECNOSHAMANIST FESTIVAL Arraial d’Ajuda – Bahia – Brazil


From day 23 to April 30, 2014 Festival happens Tecnoxamanismo in Arraial .

The idea of Tecnoshamanist Festival is create answers for our time , governed by anthropocene period , name given to the current age of the Earth , where technology , industrialization and human means of production eventually transform Earth’s surface in a mirror of himself , resulting in the end of the forest , the constant extermination of indigenous modes of existence , the deterioration of rivers and oceans , biodiversity decline and our general unhappiness . It is necessary to create new formats from developing a new ontology , where the Earth is seen as a political agent and human doings converge with the desires of GAIA .

Some questions :

What tactics we can create to promote a better negotiation between technology and nature? How to deal with ancestral knowledge ? What we can establish relations with the indigenous villages ? Wich rituals could help us expand our perception about the intelligence and sensitivity of nature? What shamanism has to teach us ? How to bring together the technology and shamanism ?
This festival will welcome proposals that will help build new answers to the current environmental crisis and decay of the human . We will work towards collectively create and maintain a network of collaboration between projects , national and international , that act towards transformation of practices and thoughts , ways of life and the human condition .

Proposals of interest to the Festival

In this process enters projects adressed to ethics, aesthetics, technology, cosmogony, new fables, human development, indigenous modes, shamanic vision, experimental practices, ritualistic techniques, permaculture process, alternative medicine, access technologies to other forms of life, inter-relatioship between human and material, human and nature, sound eperiments, visual art, workshops, discussions, debates, conceptual constructions, electronic prototypes, actions of hacklab, midialab, free radio, involutionary process, future perspectives, among others.


Hybrid : experimental prototyping for augmented perception – call for proposals


hibrid proto

Hybrid project will select 4-6 proposals for prototyping devices for augmented human perception to be developed in a multidisciplinary experimental laboratory in São Paulo , between March 17 and May 2, 2014.

Until February 14 researchers , artists , designers , engineers , physicians , biotechnologists , amateurs and curious are invited to enroll projects that deal with the expansion of human perception in 3 areas: vision, hearing and structure.

Between February 20 and March 10 , interested in participating in the prototypes , complementing and collaborating with these ideas may apply so we can organize properly the transdisiplinaries groups.

To create connections , increase the power of these ideas , discuss the role of the body in the midst of innovations in ( bio ) technology are central to this proposal .

The project provides the framework for these proposals come to life and be raised to unusual powers through this dialogue with different expertises .

We offer the laboratory , electronics , technical facilitators , and respected researchers in various fields that separated a special time for us to further understand how our bodies are made and how the techniques can be subverted in a poetic way .

Shall be 7 weeks ( 2 times per week) meetings to develop conceptual prototypes and 5 meetings on Fridays , which will assist in the technical and poetic development processes .

We expect that , in addition to your presence during the practical and theoretical processes , the development of projects to be shared with the world through the process of good documentation on the project blog .