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2 -3 December 2002

Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, Paris

©Bernard CAILLAUD, France

©Bernard CAILLAUD, France[/caption]

The firstCAC’2002 observed that the origins of Computer Art are to be found in the fields of Art and Sciences. This duality has greatly delayed its recognition. Today, we are witnessing the emergence of a multidisciplinary community which has been spurred on by the advanced computer sciences. Members of this community share certain “conceptions” related to Visual Art in general and to Computer Art in particular.
The Computer Art Congress endeavoured to be a common forum for exchange between Artists and Researchers involved in this artistic area

The first international Computer Art Congress ( was hosted by the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris (2002) in association with :

  • Cercle d’Art et d’Espace Numérique, University of Caen, France
  • Europia, Paris France
  • Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, Paris France
  • Association Surface Sensible, Caen, France



March 26, 27, 28, 2008 – Mexico City, Mexico

© Bernard Caillaud PhD. (1940-2004), Digital Artist & co-chair of CAC.1

© Bernard Caillaud PhD. (1940-2004), Digital Artist & co-chair of CAC.1

Six years later, we were  witness to the enlargement of Computer Art boundaries mainly led by its unusual development. Distance between Art and Science has narrowed to the point that CA looks to be quite an independent and autonomous field starving to reach its maturity. From this perspective, CA cannot evolve separately from the IT development strategy. Today, along with digital content production, which is in some measure produced accordingly to collective intelligence schemes, we also observe emerging forms of CA that strive to develop new ways to interact with digital content, new artifacts that repurpose digital content and new paradigms that aim to make sense of CA.

In this manner, several questions were posed and analyzed:

  • Does CA have its own identity? If yes, what about it?
  • Does CA belong to the Art universe? If yes, how to situate it?
  • Does CA belong to the digital universe? If yes, how does it fit-in?


CAC.3  PostDigital Art

November 26-28 2012, at 104 (Centquatre), Paris, France.

cac3_group_picture net


CAC.3 invited artists, intellectuals, engineers and scientists to share and discuss their imaginations, creations, inventions and visions of the post digital art. The world has never appropriated technology in the same way that digital. This technology has penetrated and dominated almost, different facets of our everyday life: cognitive, cultural, economic, psychological, social,…

CAC.3 challenged actors of the society to rethink their innovation approaches and the way they perceive the world, to explore new dimensions of our space, to go forward, to trace their own path. We counted on the abilities of artists to explore digital and extra digital spaces in order to anticipate new technological issues that can influence our post digital world.



4th Computer Art Congress