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CERTIFICATES for download

CERTIFICATES for download

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab André Boeira Ivanov

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab Andreia Machado Oliveira

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab Evaristo José do Nascimento

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab Fábio Gomes Almeida

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab Felipe Bernardes Duarte

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab Matheus Moreno dos Santos Camargo

Certificado CAC4 artista openlab Marcos Cichelero

Certificado Raquel Renno

Certificado CAC4 Aline Couri Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Amor Munoz hiper 5

Certificado CAC4 Andreia Oliveira

Certificado CAC4 Andrés Passaro

Certificado CAC4 Augustine Leudar hiper 5

Certificado CAC4 Benjamin Pothier

Certificado CAC4 Bidu hiper 5

Certificado CAC4 Blanka Earhart

Certificado CAC4 Carl Smith

Certificado CAC4 Cleomar Rocha hiper 5

Certificado CAC4 Cristina Miranda

Certificado CAC4 Diane Derr

Certificado CAC4 Everardo Reyes Garcia Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Gilbertto Prado

Certificado CAC4 Giorgio Moscati

Certificado CAC4 Giovanna ouvinte 2

Certificado CAC4 Graziele Lautenschlaeger Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Guna Nadarajan

Certificado CAC4 Guto Nóbrega Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Isabelle Choinière

Certificado CAC4 Ivani hiper 5

Certificado CAC4 Khaldoun Zreik Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Leci Augusto Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Leonardo Fuks 

Certificado CAC4 Lucia Santaella

Certificado CAC4 Ludmila Pimentel

Certificado CAC4 Luis Miguel Girão

Certificado CAC4 Luisa Paraguai

Certificado CAC4 Maria Luiza Fragoso Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Mike Phillips

Certificado CAC4 moderador  Cila MacDowell

Certificado CAC4 moderador Andréia Machado Oliveira

Certificado CAC4 moderador Cleomar Rocha

Certificado CAC4 moderador Cristina Miranda

Certificado CAC4 moderador Floriano Romano

Certificado CAC4 moderador Isabelle Choinière

Certificado CAC4 moderador Lali Krotoszynski

Certificado CAC4 moderador Marcelo Wasem

Certificado CAC4 moderador Suzete Venturelli

Certificado CAC4 Mujin Bao

Certificado CAC4 Nara Cristina Santos 

Certificado CAC4 Nina Czegledy

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Carl Smith

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Christa Sommerer

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Diane Derr

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Jane Grant

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Laura beloff

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Michael Stanton

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Agda Carvalho

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Celso Guimarães

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Cristina Amazonas

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Donizetti Louro

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Edgar Franco

CertificadoCAC4 Palestrante selecionado Geraldo Lima Jr

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Isabella Von Mühlen

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Kauê Melo

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Maira Fróes

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Maria Manuela Lopes

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Safwan Chendeb

Certificado CAC4 Palestrante selecionado Zina Intabi

Certificado CAC4 palestrante Tegan Bristow 

Certificado CAC4 Paola Lopreiato

Certificado CAC4 Priscila Arantes Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Raquel Zuanon Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Ricardo Dal Farra Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso

Certificado CAC4 Roy Ascott

Certificado CAC4 Satcey Storms Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Seth Riskin

Certificado CAC4 Suzete Venturelli

Certificado CAC4 Tânia Fraga Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Thiago Barros Palestrante

Certificado CAC4 Walmeri hiper 5

Certificado CAC4 Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

Certificado exposição Alexandra Caetano and Eufrasio Prates

Certificado exposição Alexandra Teixeira Riggs

Certificado exposição Andrea Capssa and Giovanna Casimiro

Certificado exposição Andrew Ames

Certificado exposição Anna Barros (In Memoriam) Curated By Nara Cristina Santos

Certificado exposição Antenor Ferreira

Certificado exposição Augustine Leudar

Certificado exposição Bill Miller

Certificado exposição Brian Kane

Certificado exposição Bruno Vianna

Certificado exposição Danilo Andrade de Meneses, Eufrasio Prates, José Otávio Pompeu e Silva and Maira Monteiro Frois

Certificado exposição Gilbertto Prado

Certificado exposição Giovanna

Certificado exposição Guto Nóbrega

Certificado exposição Jack Sternner

Certificado exposição Katherine Guillen and Antenor Ferreira Correa

Certificado exposição Lindsay Grace

Certificado exposição Maria Luiza (Malu) Fragoso

Certificado exposição Maria Manuela Lopes

Certificado exposição Martin Reiche

Certificado exposição Mateus Knelsen

Certificado exposição Paola Barreto

Certificado exposição Pedro Parente

Certificado exposição Rolando Sanches e Andrea Sosa

Certificado exposição Thomas Russell Storey

Certificado exposição Thomas Storey

Certificado exposição Valéria Boelter

Certificado exposição Flavia C Acker

Certificado produção exposição Flavia Cruz Acker

The Point of Being – a book organized by Derrik de Kerckhove and Cristina Miranda

POB cover

The Point of Being – a book organized by Derrik de Kerckhove and Cristina Miranda

A talk with the authors Cristina Miranda, Rosane Araujo and Isabelle Choinière

September 1st – 8:30pm At the Exhibition Oppening


Book’s description:
Current digital processes of production, reproduction and distribution of information affect our perception of time, space, matter, senses and identity. The book explores the research question: which are the psycho-physiological dimensions of the ways people experience their presence in the world and the world’s presence in them? The objective of this collective work is not only academic. Because they deal principally with issues of perception and sentience, with a particular emphasis on art, there is in all chapters an invitation to experience a shift of perception. An embodied sensation of the world and a re-sensorialization of the environment are described to complement the visually biased perspective with a renewed sense of our relationship to the spatial and material surrounds. What is attempted here is to induce the topological reunion of sensation and cognition, of sense and sensibility and of body, self and world.

The perception of the Point of Being, to which the various chapters of this book invite the reader, proposes an alternative to the Point of View inherited from the Renaissance; it aims at offering a way to situate the sense of self through the physical, digital and electronic domains that shape physical, social, cultural, economic and spiritual conditions at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Nine authors explore different ways in which the paradigm of the Point of Being can help to bridge the interval, the discontinuity, between subjects and objects that began with the diffusion of the phonetic alphabet. Then, of course, there is the question of the Point of Being, as in “what is the point?” That is certainly an underlying theme that plays across all chapters, but no definite answer can be given about this without including a total personal involvement. The Point of Being is a signpost on that journey.

A brief author biography for each editor :

Derrick de Kerckhove is Emeritus Professor of the Department of French, University of Toronto, and Professor of the Faculty of Sociology, University Federico II, Naples. He is former Director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (MPCT) and of the Research Programme in Digital Culture, at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (IN3/UOC), in Barelona, where he is currently a mentor at the Medi@ctions # Digital Culture Research Group – IN3 (IN3/UOC). This author received his PhD in French Language and Literature (University of Toronto) in 1975 and in Sociology of Art (University of Tours) in 1979. . He worked as translator and co-author with Marshall McLuhan. De Kerckhove holds the Order of “Les Palmes Académiques”, is Member of the Club of Rome and Papamarkou Chair in Technology and Education at the Library of Congress, Washington DC. Among his books are Skin of Culture, Connected Intelligence and Brainframes. Acting as promoter of different projects such as Global Art and Connective Intelligence Workshops his research focus is mostly in art, technology and society, psychotechnologies, technopsychologies and modes of creation, co-creation and distribution of culture, in particular of art, in the electronic age.

istina Miranda de Almeida is Lecturer at the Department of Art and Technology, University of the Basque Country and a Visiting Scholar and external researcher at Medi@ctions # Digital Culture Research Group, Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3/UOC), Barcelona. She holds a European PhD in Art (UPV/EHU, 2005). She spent post-doctoral research periods at the École Nationale Superieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris (2009), at the McLuhan Program of Culture and Technology, Toronto (2007) and at the CaiiA-Hub-Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth (2005-06) and a pre-doctoral researcher at Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (2005). Her research interests are focused on art and the impact of Internet of Things on the production of hybrid realities, hybrid sensibilities and new materialities (Project Web of Matter) and on digital identity, trans-disciplinary research and collaboration between art, science and technology (SEAD network and Project T₂EIA – Transdisciplinary Telematic Environment for Interactive Arts, with the University Federal of Rio de Janeiro/NANO). She collaborates the Internation Journal of McLuhan Studies, NoemaLab and Ausart. Her practical-based art research (video installations, photographies, performances) focuses on the cultural construction of identity and has been internationally exhibited.


Publishing house:


Call for entries VIDA 16.0


VIDA is the first international contest dedicated to art and artificial life. The main aim of the contest is to recognise artists who are interested in the current discourse on life through the latest technologies and the most recent scientific advances. Conceived in 1999, VIDA, which offers a total of 82,000 Euros in prizes, is currently one of the most prestigious international contests in the field of media art.