Basic outlines

  1. Projects must define areas and dimensions of artworks, indicated at floor plans and   in metric system. Projects will be evaluated according to space and financial limitations. The exhibition will happen in a building, heritage of Brazilian modern architecture. Therefore its walls, ceiling and floor can not be drilled, painted or undergo any kind of physical change.
  2. Delegates will select up to twenty artworks / projects.
  3. The selection will be blind. Documentation should follow CAC.4 exhibition “Computer Art for all” template available for download .
  4. Proposals must indicate categories that best locate the artwork within the CAC.4’s set up.
  5. Artists should indicate specifically if the work is related to the following concepts:
  • Computer art & design for children;
  • Computer art & design for visually impaired;
  • Computer art & design for audio impaired;
  • Computer art & design for motor impaired.

6.   CAC4 encourages participation and network sharing;

7.   Artists must provide: Descriptive Memorial, Project Details, such as layout, specific requirements, equipment, operating sketches with necessary power supply (local electricity 110v) and images of finished work, specific requirements and space characteristics with technical information following the template.

8. Artists responsibilities:

  • Artwork’s assembling according to the descriptive memorial provided with the submission, it’s operation during the exhibition, and disassemble, which will happen just after the Congress (assembling will occur from August 30th to  31st, disassemble on September 4th);
  • Artwork transportation and insurance.

9. CAC.4 responsibilities:

  • One PC or Mac for each artwork, cables, computer speakers, one projector or TV,  DVDs (models will be posted soon). Any devices that are not within this scope should be specified at the submission and provided by the artist/group.
  • Wireless (WIFI) network.
  • Projects related to concepts listed on item 5 will be studied with the proponents so that any special condition may suit the budgetary constraints and the local resources.

10.  Policies

11.  By submitting proponents authorize CAC.4, UFRJ and curators to use images, texts and sounds of all documentation and recordings of the event in accordance with the document

Authorization for use of Images and Sounds


2. Documentation required for participation in the exhibition after selection:

The proponents of selected artworks must provide a short resume (maximum of 150 words)  by July 09th  July 31st for printed materials.

#Please be aware of the deadline for this resume.






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4th Computer Art Congress