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Vancouver New Music Festival 2014


Vancouver New Music Festival 2014
Sonic Topographies
Sound, music, and sustainability
October 16 – 19, 2014

Composers and sound artists all over the world are turning their ears to the music of the earth and its people to reconsider what artistic creation means in a context that fosters sustainable ideas about creativity, culture, and tradition. The festival showcases composers, musicians and sound artists who are fostering new, sound-based explorations of ideas that emerge from natural, interlocking cycles and alternative systems of thought.

Call for entries VIDA 16.0


VIDA is the first international contest dedicated to art and artificial life. The main aim of the contest is to recognise artists who are interested in the current discourse on life through the latest technologies and the most recent scientific advances. Conceived in 1999, VIDA, which offers a total of 82,000 Euros in prizes, is currently one of the most prestigious international contests in the field of media art.

Travel Guidance in Rio and to Rio

logo_verde ariba


Dear CAC.4 participants and partners, we are introducing Araribá,  an excellent reference for travel in Rio and to Rio. André and Ed are our contacts at . They can help you coming to Rio and any special travel in Brazil.  At the core, Araribá is comprised of a group of Masters and PhD’s from respected universities with expertise in Biology, Geology, History, Sociology, Archaeology and the Arts. As a result, Araribá is uniquely qualified and has been very active in the planning and support of scientific expeditions in these areas.

Have a great time!